Oh My God – Where Are You?

This is now the cry of millions around the world as different events herald the fast approaching end of our time on earth. As they pick up the remnants of their torn children, struggle to survive the onslaught of huge weather events, or look to the heavens for water to feed their staring animals, they pray. The question is from what do they seek help and do they even know why God is destroying them?

They might well ask the question. As they kneel before images supposedly of their Divine Being in buildings designed more for power and control by men than for a connection to the real God they are doomed.

How do I know this? My knowledge is something that religion has repeatedly overturned and denied to even be discussed. It starts with my reincarnation and link to the Great Spirit of the Universe, which is in all of the expanse of space and its zillions of planets, stars and other things.

Anyone who can reason will see the logic behind it and why it has a plan to end the world as we know it. After several billions of years of developing and evolving only in the last several hundred have spiritual people come to be.

It was in search of the answers that the Spirit led me back to the roots of religion, which happens to be locked in sun worship. It demonstrated the way humans are spoken by their ancestral dreams into a prison of anti-God worship and why that was allowed to happen.

“The tabernacles of robbers prosper into which hand God bringeth abundantly” Job 12: 6

It was all written down and the plan made clear but religious organization wrote their own stories and taught their followers to ignore the truth and accept the lies. Those lies include the false gods and the images before which most now bend their knees and pray.

The spiritual, on the other hand, have an inbuilt guide that forbids this activity and as we approach the end they are deserting the establishment and seeking the facts. The Spirit made the Internet to circumvent the prejudice and bias teachings so that those with a longing for truth can find it.

So where in God? It is within one's being. It's the small voice one words speak when you are silent. It calls out to you when you are alone, and it directs you away from harm. It is the Great Spirit and those who are connected will be spared from what is now falling upon the earth. You know you are connected if this makes sense and you are seeking answers.