How the Romans Made Wine

The Romans understood terroir and were very careful about where they planted vines. Before the Romans, the Etruscans lived in what is now called Italy and they made wine from wild grapes. It seemed that there was an abundance of them in the Mediterranean area. Roman wine production was heavily influenced by both the Etruscans…

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4 Factors Which Impact Real Estate Prices

Many factors affect the price, a specific house, might garner, if offered, for sale, on the real estate market. While there are both, emotional, as well as logical considerations, involved, four specific factors, generally, are the key components, which make the largest differences, in what price, a specific home, might get, and offers, which will…

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Rush To Justice: What Are They Hiding?

Most of us realize, much of what comes out of the mouths of most politicians, is, both, empty rhetoric, and, often, hypocritical! How often have we witnessed, a politician, say one thing, when his party controls the debate, and has the majority of the political power, and, considerably, different, when they do not? For the…

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