Prepper Shows

There is much that can be said for the prepper shows which are beginning to pop up all around the country. In such shows you can be afforded an opportunity to witness first hand many of the new survival products that are hitting the market. Often the shows come with an abundance of free samples…

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End Of Summer Blow Out

You've had a great summer. Memories have been made, perhaps you went on a trip or two, maybe you had family come to visit. Even if you had a lazy summer, people want to celebrate it while they can and that's when an end of summer party is just what the doctor ordered. End of…

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Intuition Vs Fear: How to Recognize Your Intuition

Intuition can produce feelings, emotions, sounds, images, physical sensations, dreams, heightened awareness and distractions. Everyone has intuition. Sometimes it's minority and other times it's quite pronounced or even startingling. For people who have not had any training in how to work with their intuition, the experience of being intuitive can lead to empathic overload, fatigue,…

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